Sean Marsee was a healthy 18 year old athlete when he was diagnosed with oral cancer after using smokeless tobacco for a relatively short period of time. He won his last track meet only hours before beginning his battle with cancer which included a series of disfiguring surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, and ended with his death.


Jason Marsee

Sean’s emotional story is told by his youngest brother Jason Marsee who, as a teenager, watched his brother battle cancer and eventually die.  His presentation is intended to discourage young people from starting tobacco use and encourages current users to quit.

You can view a video of the presentation online or download it here.

To request a free DVD of the presentation, please contact:

Candice Koenker
(928) 679-7264


The CCPHSD Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention Program has prepared a PowerPoint presentation detailing the dangers of smokeless tobacco for use in classrooms.

Download Smokeless Tobacco 101 PowerPoint.



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